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Liebe Gastfamilie,

Hello, My name is Anastasia, I'm 26 years old. Right now I live in Moscow, Russia.
I'm looking for a host family in Germany and perhaps we can be a match to each other!
Right now I'm working as an English tutor. I teach kids of different age and adults at the same time. I have been working as an English teacher since university. I'm glad that I can teach and learn from my students. I'm not just a regular teacher, I want to be an older friend and a mentor who might share some life experience. And I think I'm accomplishing this successfully
I enjoy doing sports and keeping an active lifestyle. I used to be a captain of a volleyball team for 5 years, even though I'm not very tall haha. Now I learn how to skateboard, in winter I love snowboarding. I love modeling for some creative projects when I have time. I love creativity, most of my friends are photographers, musicians, make-up artists… Sometimes we gather together to dye clothes, do some photos or paint.
One of my hobbies is learning languages. Now I learn German and that's one of the reasons I'm looking for a host family in Germany. I realize that only in the motherland of German language I can get a real practice and knowledge. I've been to Germany many times but never really lived there for a long time to fully experience the culture, everyday life. Someday I want to live and work in Germany so now it's my chance to try to blend in and learn more.
I would love to meet a host-family with whom I would feel comfortable and welcomed. Having a trustful and friendly relationship is very important to me. I want to be someone whom you can trust to leave your children with, help you and make your life easier.
I'm really curious to hear about you and your children! We might be a good match!
Thank you for reading this long letter :)



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